The Maillard Industrie Group markets its own range of multipurpose packaging and also develops standard packaging for its customers.

This type of packaging is used by car manufacturers for supplying the workflows between the assembly plants and the top-level OEMs.

OEMs working on behalf of French manufacturers will find that the Maillard Industrie Group has all the standard packaging imposed by the car manufacturers

GMI multipurpose collapsible metal containers

PSA standard collapsible wire mesh metal containers

PSA standard collapsible packed metal containers

PSA standard sheet metal cases

PSA standard dedicated containers

PSA standard blank pallets

RENAULT standard collapsible wire mesh metal containers

RENAULT standard collapsible mesh-free metal containers

RENAULT standard sheet metal cases

RENAULT standard battery metal containers

Linings for RENAULT standard packaging

Specific rotationally-moulded plastic pallets