What is logistical packaging?


This term is used for packaging that has been specially analysed for transporting car parts between an OEM's plant and the car manufacturer's site.

Efficient packaging allows companies to streamline component storage, effectively protect the parts during transportation, simplify the handling process, regardless of whether a manual or automated set-up is in use, and make the operators' work easier through the ergonomic design when assembling parts on the vehicles.

Those manufacturers from the car industry that were the first to implement the programmes for increased productivity were quick to recognise the importance of optimising the management and increasing the security of the production workflows through logistical packaging systems.
The car industry, which was the focus of this research, has established the bases for what is now at stake:

Simplifying the manufacture of components by the logistical resources and handling stage

Maintaining the quality of the components during all the manufacturing, transportation and assembly phases

Providing comfortable working conditions for the operators and making it easier for the machines and robots to access the parts

Responding to the growing international influence in the markets by providing the same level of service quality at all production sites and assembly plants

Respecting the environment with long-term packaging that can be recycled at the end of the vehicle's lifecycle



GMI – global operator in the car industry

Gateway to a world of solutions

The Maillard Industrie Group provides its customers with a technical-economic solution, irrespective of the car part to be packaged and the type of workflow.

Our references:
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GMI specific packaging is used by both manufacturers in organising their supply chains and OEMs of all kinds.
Knowledge of the organisation of car production plants helps us to develop packaging suitable for this industrial environment.


Expertise in the technologies for transforming materials:

Mechanical welding, steel wire, laser cutting, epoxy painting,
industrial thermoforming, rotational moulding, high-speed machining, polyurethane elastomers,

and management of the associated industrial equipment give GMI the reactivity needed to cope with reduced launch times.

The Maillard Industrie Group has implemented a vertical integration strategy for optimal management of technical conditions and product quality.