Our area of expertise:

Counselling, engineering, design and manufacture of packaging suitable for the logistics of all types of car components.

Our customers:

All levels of car manufacturers and OEMs on a worldwide scale.

Our products :
Design and manufacture of:

Standard containers
Specific containers
Swing trays, trolleys
Metal racks
Sheet metal cases and skips
Rotationally-moulded trays and pallets
Thermoformed trays and separator materials for materials handling
Logistical layout and servo controls alongside assembly line

A vision of future logistics

GMI has been a primary contact for logisticians in the car industry since 1980. Today the supply-chain concept is introducing new logic and requirements in the field of logistics packaging.
This means that sector operators must have a wide range of new expertise in R&D, design, technological skills and service. To succeed in this speciality, it is a major asset to know all the professional sectors involved. GMI implements this strategy to provide the most complete service to manufacturers, OEMs and car industry suppliers.


GMI – functional intelligence
Innovation is the core of our offer

Our design and R&D centres analyse requirements and the demands of customers and users of logistics packaging.
We offer the most productive solutions to new problems of ergonomics, traceability, recycling, transportation, storage, automation, etc. Faced with the reduction in vehicle design time, GMI has created a specific structure to develop projects with simultaneous engineering. We stay one step ahead of our speciality's future with a permanent explorative attitude.

GMI - global operator in the automobile sector
Standard and specific packaging

Over a 20-year period, GMI has already manufactured the packaging for every type of car component several times over. The group has active references and expertise throughout the European car industry with manufacturers and OEMs at all levels and in all specialities. By providing innovative solutions and injecting new drive, GMI consolidates its professional position as the essential project manager.

GMI - industrial expertise
Five material transformation technologies

GMI was quick to detect the advantages of setting up a vertically integrated group for the design and production of all its components. This organisation means that GMI is expert in the technologies needed for product engineering: mechanical welding, steel wire, thermoforming, rotational moulding and polyurethane elastomers. GMI's industrial organisation also includes the production of models and prototypes for validation, as well as manufacturing production tools.

GMI - an international operator
Expert support

GMI is in a strong position to assist in export activities: 20 years of technical expertise and service offers in the international markets enable GMI to play an active role in several countries by providing a varied range of services:

By working alongside car manufacturers and OEMs throughout their international projects from the counselling, design and manufacturing stages

By guaranteeing physical presence in the country for each step in the development cycle

By providing customers far from GMI’s sites with the local manufacture of packaging through audited partnerships, whilst taking full control of the industrial risks